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FEELtheBODY Massage Therapy and Body Work

FEELtheBODY Massage Therapy and Body Work
Bryan and Andy FEELtheBody Massage Therapy and Body Work
949-280-6347 Bryan and Andy

Rosecrans & Midway
San Diego, CA

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Massage Techniques:
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Description of massage:

My massage sessions are considered to be very different from the normal Swedish style massage session.
What you can expect in my session is combination of Swedish Massage, and acupressure combined with several stretching techniques throughout the session. I do this to help tired sore muscles really relax to the body's fullest potential.

All our work is done on a professional massage table with an adjustable headrest option, i use a light coconut ovil (unscented), fresh linens, and music designed to help with balancing the chakras, bringing the body back into balance.


There is a new twist that I am now able to offer for a intriguing mind altering experience!
This session gives you twice the pleasure in 60 or 90 minutes. However, It leaves the mind blissfully confused and yet comfortably calm. As 4 hands, 2 therapist, & your one body is worked from head to toe, you will be stretched, squeezed, pressed, and rubbed, all while relaxing to the rhythm tonic music that is designed to help balance the Chakra.

This is total Bliss!!!

Four hand rates:

$120/ 60 minutes
$170/ 90 minutes