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Sean CK model in a Hawaiian Escape

Sean CK model in a Hawaiian Escape

Los Angeles, CA

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Hi, I'm Sean. I have over 10 years of experience as a CMT and 12 year experience with personal training I have numerous clientele from all walks of life, anyone from male and female celebs and CEOs to other fellow massage therapists. I'm also a fitness/life coach, a print model for Versace and Calvin Klein, and a feature film actor. My latest role was as Christian Bale's stand-in for The Dark Knight.

My massage offers a combination of both physical and emotional relaxation. I believe that a session should combine the best of both worlds.

My massage offers an entire spectrum of pressures. This results in an intense yet extremely calming feeling. I use three different types of pressure in my massage. My intention is to knead out all those awful knots and then calm the muscles into relaxation. I start deep, add a touch of Swedish and end with a feather-like touch. I then finishing with a little trigger-point and reflexology.

Each massage session is tailored to the specific needs and requests of the client. If you'd like, I can skip certain muscle groups and body parts and put more focus on others.

The massage room is a personal design of my creation to maximize relaxation both visually and emotionally.

I have created a HAWAIIAN ESCAPE JUST FOR YOU! complete with numerous species of large palms surrounding a comfortable memory foam massage table your body is sure to melt into! I have included indoor fountains, orchids, a star light ceiling and I even have a Moon! Yes, I have a Moon!


The table is a Chicago Master Massage table which has different layers for maximum comfort. These layers consist of a memory foam, a digitally heated warming cover followed by a fleece cover for both the body and face. Yum Yum!!