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Body Works Massage by Brent

Body Works Massage by Brent
Brent B

Lee Highway & Dover Lane
Falls Church, VA

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Just relax with a massage. Let me ease your muscle tension with my skilled massage technics.

With extensive experience in physiology and kinesiology, I can leave your tired muscles feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

I have an athletic and military background. I have played been involved with sports and weight lifting since I was 6 years old, with an NCAA sports background through college. I was a military professional for 17 years. I know what it takes to keep your body healthy and mobile.

Massage breaks the muscle fibers free and the lactic acid build up from the muscles allowing for more flexibility and strength.

Massage is also good for your health as it increases circulation by blood flow to all the muscles. Increased circulation promotes healing by getting white blood cells to injured body parts.

My massage is designed at bringing balance & harmony to both body and mind. You will feel more alive, refreshed and very relaxed, with all tension and fatigue removed.

I am a very intuitive man who thoroughly enjoys helping others achieve optimum health and balance. Come to my studio to relax and unwind, or allow me to come to you and help you achieve invigoration one muscle at a time.