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Review Date: 03/20/16
Stars: 5
Comments: My massage with Jeremy was on 3/4/16. His studio has a quite soothing atmosphere with a heated oversized table. Jeremy took the time to talk before the session asking about my general welfare as well as what special areas I might be needing help with. He is very open with what is included and how his massage session will work. Take this time to let Jeremy know what you are expecting from the session. You are given options to tailor your experience making it the most comfortable session possible. There is no attitude and all body types are made to feel very welcome. His session is very thorough. He uses a combination of different massage styles to search out and address muscle groups needing the most attention. The hot stone therapy is phenomenal. It was simply the most relaxing session I have ever experienced. Give this guy your time and you won't be disappointed.

Review Date: 03/08/16
Stars: 5
Comments: First, let me assure any readers of this review that I don't give out a 5 star rating casually. I Jeremy's case it is richly deserved. I use the word richly because you will gain both physically and emotionally from taking the time to visit a therapist truly interested in giving exceptional care and service. Please don't hesitate to ask questions and engage Jeremy throughout the session. If you like myself decide to schedule additional visits your session will become so seamless in nature that no verbal communication will be needed, Jeremy will have come to know your needs perfectly and address those needs in a flawless way. He has different modalities such as hot stone and side lay massage. Both are well worth trying and incorporating into your regular massage treatment. Jeremy is a therapist well worth developing a long lasting and enduring treatment plan with. He is always up to date with his certifications and has a studio that is very relaxing. His table is the best I have ever seen. By the way, don't be shy guys, Jeremy is proficient with all body types and in no way makes his client feel any less important than anyone or any body type that might come to see him. His is a quintessential professional and exceptional in his art. Check out his website for a full and rich detail of his practice and list of any questions you can think of regarding about massage. Once you give Jeremy a chance you will be hooked.

Review Date: 06/12/15
Stars: 5
Comments: Amazing... i've visited Jeremy a number of times and i've never been disapointed. He knows how hard, and how soft to be, and he's very attentive to my needs. Starting off in the reclining chair, then to the massage table..... I don't always see him advertising, so if you can get on his table, jump on it... you won't regret....