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Review Date: 04/03/16
Stars: 5
Comments: Peter is a fantastic massage therapist. Strong, concerned about your well-being and quite talented. I’ve been to him a couple of times and each time he gets to the tight spots with pinpoint accuracy and gentle to deep techniques that require my body to submit to his strong capable hands and forearms/elbows. I have an impinged shoulder that Peter was able to improve my mobility without pain, giving me instant relief. He works the muscles and the connective tissue, giving you a superior physical treatment. If you want a strong, deep massage from a friendly, sexy guy. Peter is the man to call. Thanks so much, Peter!

Review Date: 03/05/16
Stars: 5
Comments: I just had my first massage with Peter and it won't be my last. He is fantastic in every way. He is polite, accommodating, highly experienced, friendly, and kind. Once on his table, I was amazed at how he adapted his techniques to what I had ask for in the session. I am recovering from a broken leg and out of shape - I complained to him of my shoulder rotator pain. He went to work on it and the connective tissue in a way that allowed me to move my arm and shoulder without any pain! His body stretches freed me to start my exercise program again to fully recover from my injury with confidence. If he had no hands, he would still be a successful therapist due to the strength of his forearms and elbows. Thank goodness, he has talented hands too! He made our session exactly as I'd hoped. Thanks Peter.